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Explore the possibilities of performing arts. Enjoy creative role plays and learn how to express your emotions through acting!
Having an activity idea that is not in our list? Let us help make your dreams come to reality.
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This class will introduce students to the techniques used by actors/singers to play musical theater scenes believably, honestly, and dynamically. This class includes Acting Class (Mixed Up), Musical Theater, Stage Play, Miming.

Teen Acting Class ‚Äč

Booking auditions are right around the corner. We want to ensure you are ready to get the role you want. We want to teach you techniques, emotions, and monologues in the class. Ages 12 and up

Kids Acting Class 101

Do you have a Drama Queen or King? You can tell and write a way that your child can definitely benefit from acting classes? Well you have come to the right place! Arts in CT has a knack of getting kids an opportunity to show their emotions, bringing out the character in a child. They will help through games, monologues, and dialogues.

Mime & Movement Class

Do you like to act out a story through body motions, without using speech? In this class you will focus on the art of pantomime while learning other forms of non-verbal acting and expression.


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