May 6, 2014

About Arts in CT


Arts in CT Corporation (AIC)


Arts in CT brings the love of all things creative to Connecticut communities. Through innovative partnerships, Arts in CT contributes to personal, professional, and community development by designing and nurturing opportunities for individuals, groups and artists to engage together in creative expression. Programs provided by Arts in CT are designed to increase job opportunities for professional artists as they contribute to communities; enhance life-long learning for children and adults; and to encourage community engagement through the arts.


The mission of Arts in CT is unique because it operates at the intersection of workforce, education, and community development. As arts funding disappears, we strive to do more with less, by designing efforts that meet our three mission goals:

1) To support professional artists by matching their talents to local opportunities with community organizations such as schools, home-schooling groups, restaurants, senior centers, youth clubs, and more.

2) To re-integrate the arts back into K-12 education by working with educators to engage subject matter through creative artistic impression, while also supporting students that demonstrate potential for careers in arts industries.

3) To work with communities to embrace the arts and artists as critical to community culture, advancement, economic development, and empowerment.

Arts in CT’s mission is to inspire, enrich, and support our local communities through delivering quality arts programs.  Arts in CT has over 65 creative programs throughout the state of Connecticut. We bring Connecticut’s professional artists to area schools, community centers, daycare centers, senior centers, local restaurants, and more.

We have a threefold mission: teach arts integration in schools using the National Arts Standards, help artists remain employed, and help students make the connection between the arts and viable careers. Any perceived barriers to artistic jobs will be eliminated using comprehensive workshops and classes, helping the state’s most vulnerable students achieve their goal of becoming creative professionals.  

Arts in CT’s vision is to see art in all forms of education, deleting all social and economic barriers, and empowering children to not allow anything to stop them from being the best artist possible.


For more information, give us a call at 203.936.8567 or send us an email