Keep Our Beloved Senior’s minds Healthy With Art

By Keanisha M Johnson

You raised your children.
You sent them off to college.
They met their spouses and have children of their own.
Now you’re a grandparent.
You baby sat them. You played with them.
You helped them with their homework.
You even gave advice on dating.
You watch them graduate from High school and get sent off to college.

Now what?
You’re much older and you become bored.
Your children come around from time to time to check up on you.
Your grandchildren even come around to take you out on different occasions.
But what is it for you to do on a regular basis?
Spending time indoors can cause physical and mental strain.
According to Johnathon Graff-Radford, M.D, ‘physical activity has benefits for those of age-related issues like Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s’.
It can “keep thinking, reasoning and learning skills sharp”. Additionally, he says, it can “improve memory, reasoning, and Judgement skills. Interestingly, he also claims that senior engagement can help to “delay the start of Alzheimer’s for most people at risk of developing the disease, or slow the progress of the disease.”
That’s why Arts of CT has several program options for our beautiful seniors with or without age-related issues.


Enjoy Music from your lifetime as a sing along in chorus style. Participants have an opportunity to sing songs of their choice. Elevate your mood, reduce stress, and ease your pain. Music also enhances cognitive function and promotes healthy aging.


What comes with music? Dancing of course! Why not have fun dressing up and have dance shows?

Hair Care from our hair experts
And so much more!

Why sit around and be bored and miserable when you can enjoy life just as you did at 20?

Book your program now and enjoy some Art therapy and rejuvenate your mind.

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