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Comfortable in My Own Skin

Join CIMS in an attempt to stop black skin injustice and promote self-empowerment in BIPOC girls. Our exciting CT enrichment programs and cultural activities include fashion design, photoshoots, music, gifts, and more.

When you have positive self-esteem, nothing can break you. You’ll be able to try new things, take healthy risks, and solve all sorts of problems. 

Comfortable in My Own Skin (CIMS) is a cultural enrichment program in New Haven, CT, committed to helping girls ages 14 to 18 strengthen their mental health and self-esteem. 

The focus of the CIMS cultural show and educational enrichment programme is to provide a way for Black girls to redefine their self-image through integrated approaches. Our approach includes employing BIPOC professionals to address concerns ranging from hair care to skincare and drama therapy.

Some of our culture-enrichment activities include exploring racial identity (internally and externally), racial justice education, and youth development activities. 

Also, we at CIMS intend to bring in local artists in Connecticut and a team of professionals to focus on how every girl can build upon their self-confidence and mental health by reinforcing a positive self-concept. The program will include working alongside the following professionals: 

Life Coach/Social Worker, Fashion Designer, Hair Stylist, Makeup Artist, Dermatologist/Esthetician, Nail Technician, Drama Therapist, Photographer, and more. 

There will also be food & drinks, music, gift packs, and gift certificate. 

CIMS is committed to undoing the mental and emotional trauma imposed by systemic racism as well as the hypersexualization of Black girls, colorism, texturism, and featurism. 

So come to Port & Starbord, New London on May 7th, 2023 by 9 AM –  3 PM to meet other Black girls and Black-girl empowering role models. You don’t want to miss out on this. 

For more information, contact us at 203-936-8567, or send us a mail,

Don’t wish to be like another! You are amazing just the way you are! 

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