Help For Your Lonely Child Starts Here

By Keanisha M Johnson

Have you ever asked your child what they would like to be when they grow up?
Does your child hate the way they look? Have you ever noticed that your child is quiet?
Does your child worry about being made fun of?
Or maybe you can’t find an after-school activity that suits your child’s needs to shake off that self-esteem issue…
Whatever the issue is, there is a solution.

Good News!

Arts In C.T. have several programs to keep children busy all year round, from the Self-Esteem program to Zumba, to performing in shows, and to even taking Voice Lessons!
Your child will make new friends and most importantly, build their self confidence.

What Parents Are Raving About

The urge to continue to stay in the programs, just to be in the staff’s presence, speaks volumes!

“Ms. Barbara, Ms. Jacquie, and M.s Maxine are patient and kind, yet create a motivating and exciting environment where the children thrive and grow.” …Wendy Silva Curulla

“I’ve been particularly thankful for Barbara’s fun and easy-going manner- she absolutely knows how to put even the most anxious kids at ease so that they can relax and do their best!” …. Janis SymanskiTondora

Reasons Why You Should Choose Arts In C.T

Nothing will make you happier than knowing your child is in good hands around strangers.

You’ll have a chance to see a

  • Huge smile on your children’s faces after coming from a program
  • Watch your child’s self-esteem blossom right before your eyes
  • Endless talks on how the staff made them feel special
  • Controlled emotions
  • Encourages focus and discipline
  • Improved memory and concentration skills
  • Any much more!

And that’s when you’ll realize you’ve made the right decision when you choose Arts in C.T.

Try a program today
You’ll be so glad you did!Try a program today

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