4 Reasons to Choose Arts in CT

By Keanisha M Johnson

Arts in CT was founded in 2016. Barbara Alexander, a Youth Activist, who had a dream as a child, to perform on Broadway. She got a chance to attend the show and loved the performers so much that she cried. To make a long story short, that show helped her find her life’s passions. Barbara Alexander is on a mission to help any child, whether they are rich or poor, to achieve their dreams.

What does “Art” mean exactly?

Art is a Hobby. Whether you like to play Tennis like Serena Williams, or love to dance like Beyonce, Art is anything you like to do in your spare time that gives you joy. Creating Art can take your mind off of stressful situations. Visual Arts like painting, drawing, creating edibles, and jewelry making is great for your mental health. Arts in CT offers a lot of activities that’s beneficial to your life.

Here are 4 reasons why Arts in CT is a great choice

Friendly Staff Members

Arts in CT staff members will make you feel comfortable.
“The staff is stellar-it is amazing watching them transform these young children into performers.
In a matter of a few weeks. Ms. Barbara, Ms. Jacquie and Ms. Maxine are patient and kind, yet creating a motivating and exciting environment where the children thrive and grow.” …Wendy Silva Curulla

Career Opportunities

Arts in CT is hiring! Have fun teaching all walks of life Arts and Crafts, drawing Cartoon Characters, performing on stage for plays, creating edibles, knitting and so much more activities. Get paid to smile and laugh all while helping people succeed their dreams.

Volunteer Opportunities

Bored now a days? Retired? Arts in CT works with artists around New England and New York.
You have to have teaching experience. Or maybe you just need to beef up your resume for for that next job. There are so many advantages to volunteer work. You can take on a new challenge, gain confidence and build a real sense of achievement.

Senior Programs

Art reduces feelings of depression, stress and anxiety especially in seniors because it helps divert their focus and free time to something productive. Painting and music may even help to uncover forgotten memories about loved ones and old times. Practicing creative
Arts can help seniors who suffer from memory loss caused by Altheimer’s or Dementia.

Imagine the world with no Art

The whole world was built on Art. You can create Art with your talents. Arts in CT can help turn your dreams into a reality. Barbara Alexander loved to sing and had a desire to perform on stage as a small child. It is amazing that watching performers on Broadway made her make up her mind that she can do anything she sets her mind to do. That is the type of magic she wants you to experience when you come to Arts in CT. No matter who you are or which background you come from; you can be anything. Barbara Alexander was poor and people laughed at her dreams, but she didn’t let that discourage her. Art is known to help people of all ages with depression, low self-esteem, zero self-confidence, and aches and pain in the body. Try an activity that’s right for you today. And remember, You can Do Anything!

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