August 2, 2018

Class Calendar

Class Schedule (in List Format)

9:00 am
10:00 am
10:30 am
10:45 am
11:00 am
12:00 pm
3:00 pm
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5:00 pm
6:00 pm
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A – Adults
AA – All Ages
ASP – After School Programs
C – Children
HS – Home School
IND – Individual
MM – Mommy and Me
S – Senior Citizens
T – Teens
TBA – To Be Announced
TT – Tiny Tots, Ages 2 – 6

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Teen Class Calendar
Children and After School Class Calendar
Tiny Tots Class Calendar
Mommy and Me Calendar
Home Schooler Calendar



Children’s Chorus: $40 a month
Beginner Band or Beginner Orchestra: $65 a month
Private Voice Lessons: $40 half and $70 per hour (with Barbara $40 half and $80 an hour)


Beginner: $17 each or $60/month
Intermediate: $18 each or $70/month
Advance: $22 or $80/month


1 Class ($45) 2 Classes ($78) 3 Classes ($105)


Tiny Tots and Improv Hourly theater classes: $80/month (4 classes)
Children and Teen Theater Workshop Series: $250 (6 weeks), $325 (8 weeks)

Mommy and Me

$70/month, materials included

Back to School Specials

Buy One Get One Free
(Workshop classes not included) 

Book a private lesson! $40/half hour or $70/hour

Class Descriptions

Mommy and Me Classes

Come and have a fun-time with your child by signing up for one of the Mommy and Me classes that ARTS IN CT has to offer! We have programs designed to hone the gross motor skills in young artists through the arts, which in turn helps them master the fine motor skills and other social skills. Through music, art, theater, and dance, you will find yourself bonding with your child and enjoying experiences that will last a lifetime!

Classes for Seniors

We offer several programs for the young-at-heart to keep their minds active, bodies in movement, and bring their artistic interests to life! Our instructors are happy to come to you with customized classes based on your interests and abilities!


Our theater teachers lead students of all ages with a variety of theater techniques, giving them opportunity to perform in front of their peers while teaching stage presence for both straight plays and musical theater. Classes range in level based on age and experience. Basic classes include a general introduction to theatre, with theater games as well as class exercises in acting.

Theater Workshop

In Theater Workshops, the class or director usually selects a theatrical work to focus on. They apply higher-level thinking to analyze characters and the choices they make, figure out which character they find themselves connecting with and work with their other classmates to present a showcase of their own interpretation of the show they selected.

Piano Class

Students are taught a stimulating, thorough, and graduated course of recital solos, theory, technical studies, and classic piano repertoire. Class size may vary, with group activities as well as one-on-one instruction. A group atmosphere is often more beneficial and enjoyable for beginner-level students because they are motivated by their peers, but are also allowed to progress at their own rate.

Dance Classes

Hip hop students will have fun while they exercise, express themselves; learn how to keep a steady beat through the urban sounds of Hip Hop.

Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modernjazzlyrical and classical ballet. Contemporary dancers strive to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements.

In basic jazz, students will learn the essential steps of jazz along with creative expression. Students will learn very simple choreographed dance motions along with movement across the floor.

Art Classes

Drawing students will have the opportunity to create their own self-portrait or even to draw their favorite music artist or sport player. Grid drawing involves drawing on a grid over a reference photo. Focusing on a square at a time until the entire image is transferred. Students will learn to replicate a beautiful work of art through this method and will take it home to hang up on the wall by the end of the class!

Abstract art encompasses a wide range of art, including paintings, sculpture, mixed media, photography and video. An abstract painting may be inspired by an object, an idea, emotions or even music. Students will find their inspiration and find a way to turn it into a stunning abstract painting!