August 15, 2017

Children Outreach Programs

Mommy, Daddy and Me Programs

Give your infant a foundation for a love of the arts.  Foster their creativity and encourage their mental, emotional and social development.  What parent doesn’t want that for their kid.  Your little bundle of joy and you can make art, play music and dance together.  Programs are customized to your interests.

Early Childhood Playtime

We offer a fun-filled educational playtime for young ones using creative movement, music, songs, and stories.  Kids increase and develop their fine and gross motor skills while enhancing language and literacy development. Cooperative learning and social skills grow, too – all while playing.

Arts in CT instructors can also tailor lessons to align with your school’s focus. Help your students imagine, grow and shine!

K-12 (Assemblies, Arts Integration, Workshops)

Arts in CT has more than 500 artists throughout the state. They work with schools in artist-in-residency programs and workshops for professional development and state mastery exams.

We work cooperatively with teachers to create a creative dimension to their lesson plans.  Projects and performances are customized just for your students and you.  Provide the ideas or we’ll give you ours to help ensure maximum program success.