October 4, 2016

Artist Directory

Merly De La Hoz-Cookson

Name: Merly De La Hoz-Cookson
Art: Dance
Short Bio: Merly D-Cookson, is a dance instructor and Choreographer with ten years of experience teaching all ages who has committed to promoting health throughout movement. She has performed, and choreographed Modern, West African dance, Belly dance, Carnival dances, Ballet, Jazz, Latin dance and Ethnic dances from Colombia and South America.
Merly’s dance classes offer fun and variety with a range of different songs, music, styles, themes and activities specific to developing motor skills and maintaining student's interest. Over all, her programs are designed for participants to have fun while learning from different cultures, discovering and developing their own abilities within the art of movement.

Long Bio:

Merly De La Hoz-Cookson is a Dance Instructor and Choreographer born in Colombia. She is dedicated to promoting her cultural heritage all over the world through the art of dance.

In 2000, Merly received her four year Degree in Dance and Theater Instruction in Barranquilla, Colombia. In 2015 she acquired The Dance Certificate at Naugatuck Valley Community College and is graduating in Spring 2017 with an Associates Degree in Visual and Performing Arts from the same school to pursue her Master of Fine Arts in Dance.

Merly was La Reina del Folclor Colombiano in 2005 and has performed in more than 400 local, regional, national and international dance showcases. She strongly believes that dance is essential in our society. With dance, the possibility to providing elements and opportunities for education are endless.
As a motivated and knowledgeable dance professional Merly seeks to utilize her teaching methodology, experience and skills to share the meaning and transcendency of Modern, Ballet, Contemporary and Ethnic dance with dancers of all ages.

Grades: Pre-K to Adults
School Performance: Yes
Miles will travel: 25
City : Middletown Ct