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Acting Workshops

Looking for acting classes for yourself and unsure how to find your voice? Then join, Arts in CT acting workshops and be taught by the pros how to find your inner voice. How to find where you fit on stage, film, commercials, or even just to come out of hiding. Arts in CT will help you along with our acting coach, Katy Castaldi, how to be creative and find your confidence. In this class it will help those who have been gaining small roles in a musical or community theater and want to improve their acting skills.

Do you have a child that is a natural ham or loves acting and can’t stop singing and you not sure if they have a natural knack for drama? You’re going to want to join this talented crew to help them live out loud, use their imaginations, take risks, improvise, play, be innovative and learn the proper techniques. Participants will get an opportunity to perform solo, in front of their peers and have a safe place to express themselves.

Arts in CT has hired professionals for ages three and up on how to find their best interest in film, theater, stage, or commercials. Our first teammate Katy will show them how to gain the confidence, find monologues, dialogs,  Each of the programs listed here has a slightly different personality and approach, but all want to give students the chance to be kids, be creative and build confidence so they can “act out” in style. 


6 Week Workshop-September 28- November 2

best acting classes

Tiny Tots Acting Workshop

All Skill Levels

Saturday 9am-9:45am

Ages: 3-5

Cost: 45-minute workshops offered on Saturdays or $20 per class;  six week long sessions at $120. In this class they will play, use their imaginations, create shapes, be animals be the drama kings and queens they are while using their voices effectively.

This course is designed to awaken and nurture creativity in our youngest actors. We will perform engaging and fun warm-ups, get our bodies moving with games, and have a performance-filled story time. The goal is for each student to have fun while engaging their young imaginations and creativity.

best acting classes ct

Ages 6-12

Time: 10am-11am

Cost 60-minute workshop offered on Saturdays or $30 per class: six week long session at $180. Participants will learn how to express themselves and get control of their emotions. Students will be taught acting games and exercises as they find their creative space.

This course is designed to allow kids the space they need to find their creative voice. We will play games, look at monologues, put on scenes together, and work through story-time. The goal is to allow each student room to come out of their shell without feeling pressured to perform or be in the spotlight before they are ready. This course will be an asset to young actors and can also help with reading, public speaking, and social skills. 


best teen acting classes

Ages 13-18

Time 11am-12:30pm

Cost 90-minute workshop offered on Saturdays: six week long session at $210

This course is designed with the priority of allowing young actors to the find the play while developing a set of tools that makes acting accessible and fun. An open, judgement-free space that encourages each student to embrace what makes them unique with the understanding that those qualities are their best asset as an actor. Improvisation exercises, games, monologue technique, and scene study. Whether the student is an experienced actor looking to sharpen their skills, or a beginner looking to make friends and come out of their shell, this course will provide them with the support they need to succeed.


best adult acting classes ct

Adult Acting Workshop Class 


Cost 90-minute workshop offered on Saturdays: six week long session at $240

This course is designed for beginner and veteran actors alike. We will focus on scene study, connecting with your partner, as well as your own instrument, and breaking down text in a way that personalizes it to the actor. There will also be opportunities to explore various techniques and genres, such as improvisation and viewpoints, depending on the need and interest from the class. This workshop serves as a safe, judgement-free space that allows actors to play, grow, and activate their talent as individuals. 


One Day Class Workshops will be posted soon

Class Location

St. Ann’s School

64 Ridge St
Milford, CT 06460

Katy Castaldi is thrilled to be teaching with Arts in CT! She is back in her home state of Connecticut after four years in North Carolina where she received her master of fine arts in acting from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and taught acting at Moonlight Stage Company in Raleigh. For three years she performed as a resident actor on the stage of Playmakers Repertory Company, one of the top regional theaters in the country, in shows such as Into The Woods, Measure for Measure, and Detroit ’67. She can also be seen on screen in films such as The Lost Girls, and the Remi award-winning short, The Ark Report. 

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